How Do Filter Presses Work In Chemical Manufacturing?

Vishal Patel

NMP Filter Press is the special equipment for chemical manufacturers. It can be used in the production of NMP. It can filter solid matter from liquids or gases.

A brief introduction to filter press machine

A filter press machine is a type of equipment used to separate solids and liquids. If we put it in simple words, a filter press machine separates liquids and solids using the method of pressure filtration. In the filter press process, the slurry is forced inside the filter press machine, and water is forced outside from it under pressure. You can say that each filter press machine is manufactured based on its volume and the type of slurry that needs to be dewatered. NMP is one of the trusted filter press manufacturers in India. At NMP, we provide you with various filter press types and volumes according to your need for easy and inexpensive dewatering. The design includes vacuum filter presses, hand filter presses, stainless steel clad, sidebar automatic, manual overhead, automatic dual overhead beam, and explosion-proof filter presses.

Filter press machine in the chemical manufacturing

NMP has manufactured filter presses for the chemical industry for many years in Gujarat. The filter press process is the easiest and most frequent method to separate solids and liquids in the chemical industry. There are so many types of filter press machines used in the filter press process in the chemical industry. Some common chemical filter presses are diaphragm filter press, chamber filter press, and plate and frame filter press. The Chemical filter press process plays a pivotal role in the chemical industry. The filter press process is used in pharmaceutical, paper, leather, printing, and other industries.

How does a filter press machine work in chemical manufacturing?

The principle on which a filter press machine works and the entire filter press process works are that a slurry is forced inside the filter press machine. The slurry is then dispersed uniformly throughout the filling cycle. Solids start gathering on the filter cloth. The solid which gathers on the filter cloth form the filter cake. The filtrate gets released from the filter plates through corner ports into the multifarious clean filtered water.

The filter press process uses the pressure filtration method. In simple words, pressure is applied during the filter press process through the filter press feed pump. Solids are formed inside the chamber until they are full of solids, thus forming the filter cake. When chambers are at full capacity, the filter press process is complete, and filter cakes are ready to be dispersed. In much higher capacity filter press machines, automatic plate shifters are used, fastening the cycle time. At NMP, we provide fully automatic filter press machines that will not require any physical labor and are fast and economical.

Examples of applications in the chemical industry
  • Anode sludge left over after copper electrolysis
  • During copper electrolysis, anode sludge is left over as an intermediate product and settles on the base of the electrolysis cell. The anode sludge settles on the base of the electrolysis cell during the dissolution of the copper anodes. It consists of noble and insoluble minor elements, including gold, silver, tellurium, and selenium. The precious metals from the anode sludge are processed in many stages to move to fine metals or intermediates that one can recycle. For a more advanced and eco-friendly extraction of the metal, the sludge should be dehydrated and have a moisture content of less than three percent. A membrane filter press is used to do the dehydration process. The precious metal consists of anode sludge which forms as a result of copper electrolysis and is put into the filter press machine and is then filtered and dehydrated.

  • Pigments of aluminum

    For manufacturing pigments of aluminum on a large scale, the aluminum that has to be processed is initially melted and atomized after it reaches the melting temperature. The melting and atomizing of the aluminum results in the formation of irregular-shaped, spherical particles. The irregular, spherical particles are known as aluminum grit. The aluminum grit is mixed by wet grinding in ball mills with white spirit and lubricant. The hall method does the mixing, and they are impaired to flakes and then crushed. After successfully grinding and screening the agglomerates, the surplus white spirit is filtered out from the slurry using the filter press, and the resulting pigment is concentrated.

    In the last process, the dehydrated filter cake comprises 80% aluminum pigment and 20% white spirit. It is tailored to the respective commercial form according to its exact composition and requirements.

    Both the chemical and petrochemical industry has a high demand for filtration systems. The chemical industry needs filtration systems for chemical resistance to achieve the highest quality of the product. Durable, secure, and effective technological solutions and optimized designed parameters are necessary for chemical processing applications. A filter press machine is the best way to separate solids and liquids. If you are installing an NMP filter press machine, you will be able to get maximum return on your investment because it uses zero physical labor. We make sure that your entire operational cost remains economical and that you do not have to spend a lot on your filter press process. The unique selling proposition of our filter press machine is our fully robotic technology. NMP filter press manufacturers in India are fully automated and can function 24*7. NMP provides highly customizable solid-liquid separation technology for the process industry. Our machines are at par with the latest development and design and provide you with fully advanced technology. At NMP, we provide you with some of the best customer service experiences. We will help you identify your problem and help you come up with a solution. NMP filter press machines are produced from the finest raw material and will provide the latest technology and designs for your filter press process.

Things To Keep In Mind When Sizing A Filter Press Machine

Since the filter press is used in so many industries and manufacturing units, there are some factors you should consider while choosing a filter press system.

Specifications Of Different Filter Plates In A Filter Press Machine

Filter Press Machines are used for water filter production in industries. It has features like high efficiency, low consumption, big filtration area.

What is filter cloth selection?

A filter cloth selection plays important role in the case of filtration. A filter press, filter cloth, and shields clear filtration process with the help of short filter cycle and dry filter cake. Advanced technology had made this work easier in the 21st century. There are various types of filtration paper which is used by industries. The top companies avail themselves of their filter cloth and paper. The high-quality filter paper with good services can be detained easily by the top manufacturer. To know more about filter cloth selection have a look below.