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Filter Press Selection

How do I Select the correct Filter Press ?

NMP has a high level of mastery in helping clients with Filter Press Selection, filter cloth, and filter plates to help you accomplish your generation objectives, with arrangements fitting for your market, application, and set of working conditions.Whatever your filtration procedure and dewatering needs are, you can believe the NMP name.

NMP offers filter presses in an assortment of limits, from presses with 2000 mm filter plates down to utilitarian, lab-scale presses with 250 mm filter plates. There is additionally a scope of filter press outline plan arrangements, including sidebar.

NMP offers clients an assortment of choices, contingent on your particular requirements for process duration, cloth life, level of administrator contribution sought, and so on. We offer Automatic cloth washers, Automatic dribble plate, completely Automatic water-powered plate moving frameworks, and additionally self-loader pneumatic plate shifters.

Notwithstanding fabricating new filter press selection, NMP revamps existing filter press gear. We are upbeat to examine revamping and repairing your current hardware to additionally streamline your filter press operation. With NMP specialized skill, there is no motivation to settle for a filtration framework that is not performing ideally, costing you important time and cash.

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