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NMP Applications: Filter Press Solutions

High filtration quality, a high degree of drainage and a high dry matter content play a decisive role in choosing the right filtration method. The filter press is one of the oldest pressure filters and still remains a pioneer in solid/liquid separation today, however, ahead of centrifuges, decanters and belt filters; filter presses highest level of filtration efficiency and maximum degree of dewatering of various filter media.

Discover NMP, the premier filter press supplier, offering cutting-edge hydro press systems to revolutionize wastewater treatment across various industries.

In many of the world’s most important industries, separation is vital to sustainable growth. With the right solution, food producers can continuously improve their products while reducing waste. Cities can save energy and conserve millions of cubic meters of water. Mining companies can efficiently boost through out to meet fast-changing global demands. And chemical manufacturers can optimize for absolute product purity,when it comes to the separation technologies and services that maximize the value of your most precious resources.

Mineral Processing

You can depend on NMP filtration ability and profound specialized information in the mining and mineral handling industry.

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Chemical Manufacturing

NMP offers you uniquely composed, covered and exceedingly retentive woven textures to enhance handle yields and diminish process duration.

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Food & Beverage

NMP offers filter material outlined particularly for sustenance and drink preparing. Unique FDA-agreeable yarns and edge medicines are accessible upon demand.

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Municipal Water/Waste water

Our staff of exceedingly specialized and experienced filtration designers can do a nitty gritty survey of your water procedure

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Strict quality control techniques and meticulousness are quite recently a portion of the reasons why a number of the greatest pharmaceutical

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