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We trust that for constant creation of value items, each organization ought to have a very much prepared framework. So as to address the issue we have set up an all around encouraged foundation in the sprawling territory. Our foundation is consolidated with different units, for example, producing unit, quality division, innovative work unit, outline unit and so on.

The most critical being the assembling unit where we utilize different progressed and hello tech machines that are fit for creating mass items in least time with quality fitting in with the worldwide standards.We owe our prosperity to our all around prepared assembling unit and the devotion of our experts who have taken the organization to a more noteworthy tallness.

Your Peace Of Mind NMP Filter Presses are outlined and developed with the finest parts to guarantee unwavering quality and years of inconvenience free operation. Just settled field tried components are utilized as a part of NMP filter presses.

Sections under manufacturing and infrastructure unit:

Fabrication Section

Fabrication shop is equipped with MIG, TIG welding, grinding Machines, cutting machines, honing machines handled by Experienced Person.

Machining Section

Our Machine shop is highly equipped with the latest, state of art technologies such as CNC machining centers, turning lathes, Vertical machining centers, Drilling machine, Horizontal Boring Machines, milling machines for carrying out machining works.

Molding Section

Our filter plates are molded using compression molding technique. Approximately 50 plates can be molded each day in each size which varies from 305 x 305 mm to 1500x 2000 mm.

Assembly Section

The assembly unit consists of 2 sections: Filter Press Machine assembly unit & Hydraulic assembly unit.

Filter Press assembly section: are very well equipped with trained engineers that ensure the machine will finalize as per customer specification and fixed parameters.

Hydraulic assembly section: the hydraulic power pack is assembled. The hydraulic cylinder is manufactured, honed and assembled to the Hydraulic head of the machine. They are available with mechanical locking as well as automatic pressure compensation system, with a stroke length ranging from 150 mm to 4000 mm. The Cylinder is designed for various sizes of Filter Press depending upon the Pressure ranging from 15 tons to 400 tons.

Hydraulic System

1. Hydraulic Cylinder

We have invested many years in development of advance, innovative and high-quality hydraulic products. We are proficient in understanding the unique needs and challenging demand, and we respond accordingly. The determined efforts of our team and the quest for excellence help us to have better edge in the market.

We are equipped with heavy duty lathe machine which help us deliver hydraulic cylinders up to 400 mm bore and 3000 mm stroke. Advance machining facility with CNC and VMC makes sure that we maintain tight tolerances as required by international standards.

Our in-house honing and grinding facility help us maintain quality and precision of products as per requirement. Our hydraulic test rig is designed as per ISO 10100:2020 “Cylinder acceptance test” to make sure our products are safe and internationally acceptable.

2. Power Pack

Attributing to our research and development potential, we furnish a wide selection of innovative hydraulic power packs and industrial hydraulic power pack. We accord the entire industry recommended standards while manufacturing our range of hydraulic power packs. Customization of the entire range makes it more competent for specific areas.

We have established TESTING FACILITY in our work shop; our test bench is various capacities & configuration for testing pumps, motors, valves etc.

Our Products are designed & developed in compliance with the International Quality Standards & are manufactured from Quality Components to attain high,

  • efficiency of High Quality Hydraulics Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Throughout a well-established in India
Machining Workshop

Our machining workshop is equipped with below mention machinery.

  • CNC Machine
  • CNC Turning Center
  • VMC Machine
  • Plano Miller
  • Conventional Lathe machine
  • Radial Drill Machine
  • Profile Cutter up to 50 mm
Inspection & Testing Section

PP Plates and Filter Press structure are dimensionally checked before dispatch to assure no deviations and the Filter press machine is subjected to a mechanical load test to a maximum pressure of 300 bar to check if any pressure drop or leakage. Our filter plate is inspected and passes through compressive strength test & tensile strength as per global standards.

We are the flexible organization with skilled technicians, as well as CNC machines and high-tech equipment, even allow small and medium Filter Presses, in order to meet the customer needs promptly.