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How do I select the correct Filter Plate ?

NMP has a high level of ability in helping clients for right the Filter Plates Selection to help accomplish generation objectives, giving arrangements suitable to your market, application, and set of working conditions. Whatever your filtration procedure and dewatering needs, you can believe the NMP name.

NMP offers an extensive scope of filter plate sorts including recessed filter plates, filter plates, filter plates tolerating cut neck filter cloth, vacuum filter plates, plate and framed plates, steam-jacketed plates, and more. We likewise give filter plates in different materials of development, for example, polypropylene, nylon, Kynar (PVDF), aluminum, and stainless steel. NMP offers both standard and custom filter plate plans, customized to your market/application. We additionally have a wide determination of OEM trade plates for any brand or make of filter press hardware.

NMP can configuration filter press plates that enhance cake dryness and washing proficiency or help battle grating conditions. For example, filter plates intended to acknowledge NMP composed “clasp neck” filter cloth has turned into an industry-standard when cake washing and simple filter cloth change-outs are especially critical.

Get in touch with us so we may give NMP broad skill something to do in helping you accomplish your fluid filtration objectives, sparing cash and improving working productivity.