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Type of Solid
Type of Liquid
Article Serial No. Name Specification Unit (Per Day) Remarks
Slurry feed 1 Slurry feed flow rate into filter press Liter
2 Slurry feed density kg/m3
3 Solids content in slurry Dry
4 PH value In Total Slurry
5 Dynamic viscosity cP
6 Temperature ℃ deg
7 Feed Pressure required Kg
8 Particle size range Micron
Solid 9 Solid flow rate into filter press Slurry
10 Specific gravity of solid gr/l
11 Work time for filter press hrs/day
12 Number of Batch Required hrs/batch
Process results 13 Moisture in cake you expect after filtration %
PP Plate 14 Recessed Type
15 Membrane Type