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Filter Press For Chemical Manufacturing Industries
NMP: Chemical Manufacturing Solutions

We only precede materials with maximum chemical resistance. Our products feature maximum stability and efficiency. We provide optimum filtration solutions – tailored to your individual processes and requires.

Whatever your filtration process needs, we have the technology and process knowledge to:
  • Extract maximum value from your product
  • Guarantee product purity, plant safety, and reliability
  • Select the right solution fitting to your strict process requirements and chemical characteristics
Our key applications in the chemicals industry:
  • Fertilizers & Phosphates
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Dye & Pigment
  • Silicates

Dye & Pigment is a colour organic substance, which was widely used in tinting textiles. It issued in a variety of applications more likely textiles, paper, leather, inks, plastics and paints.

Filter press are used in this application from very long time due to availability of cross cake washing function. Cake washing is useful to remove impurities from final product and de-salting. Conventional (Recessed) filter presses are widely used in dyes & pigments but now upgraded technology of membrane filter press are taking the place of conventional (Recessed) filter press because of its result and better productivity and performance.

Wastewater from textile industry contains various contaminants such as dyes, surfactants and heavy metals. Textile dyes have synthetic origin and complex aromatic molecular structures that make them difficult to biodegrade when discharged in the ecosystem. The objective of this study was to examine the decolorization of textile effluents containing cationic dyes by filtration-adsorption on wood sawdust from two different origins; fir as an example of a conifer tree, and beech as an example of a deciduous one, and to explain the adsorption mechanism.

The process of dye removal was applied to a synthetic effluent in batch mode.

By using the filter press in the above process the total operation of sludge bed drying is eliminated thereby reducing the large space of sludge bed eliminate the problems of overflow of the beds.

With years of practical knowledge since 1975 & after installing numbers of Filter Press Machines, we have achieved some more practical data in the line of filtration and supplied many of the Filter Press Machine to various textile industries. We have supplied our filter presses in many reputed textile industries in India in their E.T.P. Plant. Some of them are.