How Does A Belt Filter Press Work?

Vishal Patel
What Do You Mean By A Belt Filter Press Machine?

When mechanical pressure is applied to a chemical conditioned slurry for sludge dewatering, it is done through a belt filter press machine. The chemical conditioned slurry is placed between two tensioned belts. The two tensioned belts are then passed across the curling of the declining diameter rolls. The belt filter press machine can be grouped into three zones – the gravity zone, where gravity helps in draining free water with the help of a porous belt; the wedge zone, where for the pressure application, solids are prepared; and the pressure zone, where at first medium then high pressure is put into the conditioned solids.

The Principle On Which The Belt Filter Press Machine Works

The working principle of the belt filter press machine is categorized into four crucial stages – chemical pretreatment, sludge dewatering through gravity, wedge preloading, and press dewatering. It is an eco-friendly filter press machine with efficient performance, steady work, less water volume in finished products, less initial consumption, easy management control, and a budget-friendly price. Variation in sludge load does not much influence a belt filter press machine. A Filter Cloth Selection machine is primarily used in sewage treatment plants.

The Initial Stage Is Chemical Pretreatment In A Belt Press Machine

A belt filter press machine needs a large amount of coagulation effect. The filter press machine uses a distinctive dosing mixer to get steady coagulation and the perfect coagulation effect.

The Stage Of Sludging Dewatering Happens Due To Gravity

The sludge is put in an equivalent manner in a belt filter press machine using a cloth bucket and sprints forward with the filter belt. The free water moves into the water tank using the filter belt due to its weight. The primary purpose of the dehydration stage in the filter press machine is to remove the water content in the sludge, lessen sludge fluidity and construct it for further discharge and exclusion.

The Wedge Preloading Stage In The Filter Press Machine

After removing the volume of water in the sludge in the filter press machine, it is tough to achieve the sludge flowability needs of the press dewatering section. At this stage in the machine, slight sludge dehydration is excluded. The sludge is smoothly and evenly pressed and dehydrated.

The Stage Of Dewatering Through High Pressure

The Automatic filter press cake in the machine is constantly thrust and nipped on all sides of the press roll. The pressing and shearing on the press roll are done using the upper and lower filter belts. A considerable amount of capillary water is separated to lessen the water content in the filter cake.

A belt press machine consists of two uppers and lowers tensioned filter belts. The upper and lower tensioned filter belts are twisted in an S shape to make a series of evenly arranged roller cylinders. The roller cylinders are put in opposition to the sludge layer by the tension of the filter belt. The pressing of the sludge layer thrusts out the capillary water in the sludge layer to get a mud cake with zero water content. The thrusting out of the capillary water dehydrates sludge in the filter machines. The belt press machine is primarily used for dehydration of sludge due to its less water volume, steadiness, less energy requirement, and easy management.

Advantages Of Using A Belt Press Machine
A Belt Press Machine Is Used For Dewatering Some Distinctive Sludge

Sludges such as railway, oil, and sludge formed by treating drain water with diatomite are treated using a belt press machine. A belt press machine performs well in treating these sludges. Sludge dehydration done by using a belt press machine helps achieve more efficient results.

A Belt Press Machine Uses Less Energy

Among all filter machines, a belt press machine consumes less energy. Less consumption of energy automatically lessens the energy cost of the industries. A belt press machine and other filter machines have identical treatment effects. However, a belt press machine under the same treatment effect will consume and need less power. You can say that a belt press machine needs 1/3rd less water and power than all other filter machines.

Needs Less Space To Set Up A Belt Press Machine

A belt press machine is built so that it occupies very little space. The entire equipment occupies very little space due to its unique build. Although it performs the same function and gives the same effective results as other filter machines, it occupies ½ of the space compared to all other filter machines.

The Belt Filter Machine Gives Steady Operation And Has A Long Operational Life

A belt press machine is made of High-strength stainless steel bearings in place of conventional carbon steel bearings. Stainless steel bearings provide the machine with a long operational life. The high-strength stainless steel bearings protect the belt press machine from rust or corrosion. Resistance from rust or corrosion increases the life of the belt press machine by ten years. A belt press machine is provided with a particular adjustment structure that protects the machine from damage.

Very Easy To Handle

A belt press machine has an uncomplicated and straightforward design. The easy and simple design makes a belt press machine very easy to use and operate. No special training is required to learn the operation of a belt press machine. It can be used even by ordinary workers without any special instruction. The machine is not only simple in its design but also gives very accurate results.

Can Work For 24 Hours

A belt press machine can function for 24 hours. It does not have to be stopped like other presses. The continued operation helps to save cost in energy. A lot of time also gets saved since it can function continuously. This continuous operation feature makes a belt press machine the most promising choice in filter machines.

The Operation Of Filter Press And Its Components

The filter press machine utilizes a unique filter medium, which is primarily utilized to separate solids and liquids by using the pressure filtration method.

What are CGR Filter Plates and their advantages?

CGR Filter Plates are an advanced version of Recessed Chamber Closed Configuration Plates used for solid and liquid separation in a filter press machine.

Why Do We Choose Membrane Filter Presses?

A filter press is used to separate liquids and solids by using the pressure filtration method when put in simple words. A slurry is forced inside the filter press equipment, and water comes rushing out from it due to pressure. The method of filter press has been used since the mid-1800s in many industries such as wastewater, chemicals, cosmetics, industrial, pharmaceutical, metals, and mining.