Why Do We Choose Membrane Filter Presses?

Vishal Patel
A Brief Introduction To Filter Press

A filter press is used to separate liquids and solids by using the pressure filtration method when put in simple words. A slurry is forced inside the filter press equipment, and water comes rushing out from it due to pressure. The method of filter press has been used since the mid-1800s in many industries such as wastewater, chemicals, cosmetics, industrial, pharmaceutical, metals, and mining. Filter press selection is based on its volume and the variety of slurry that needs to be dehydrated. NMP is one of the largest filter press manufacturers in India. NMP provides you with different categories of filter press selection based on your needs and demands for economical dewatering.

Why use a membrane filter press selection?

Simple filter press types take around four hours to fill. However, the actual time depends on the solid loading capacity and the type of slurry forced down in the press. A membrane filter press can reduce the cycle time by approximately 50% and, in some cases, as much as 75% depending upon the solid loading capacity and the type of slurry.

Working Principle Of The Membrane Filter Press Selection

In the case of metal hydroxide sludge, a quality membrane filter presses when plates that give a 32mm cake thickness usually take four hours to fill. The unit is usually 80% complete after two hours. Because of high pressure, resistance starts building up, and the diaphragm pump slows down to a great extent.

If you want a faster unit to get your press back up and running, you should always choose a membrane filter press. A membrane filter press is similar to a standard filter press, except that the area present between the plates has membranes to compress out all the extra water from the slurry. A filter press with all membrane plates can be costly. However, a diversified pack can be less costly and more economical. Each chamber has one membrane plate in the diversified pack that will blow up, causing the compress action in opposition to a solid recessed plate. When the filter press is at its 80% capacity (which is determined by past information or the timing of the diaphragm pump), it is the perfect time to blow up the membrane diaphragms for the extra compression.

How Is The Membrane Filter Press Inflated?

The most secure way to blow up the membrane filter press selection is to use water in place of air. If air is used to blow up a membrane filter plate and breakage is experienced, you will risk plastic breaking, which can be extremely harmful. However, when water is used, and any tear is experienced, you will only have a water leak which is safer and easy to control. A tank and pump are employed to fill the membrane with water using manifold piping. Manifold piping is stainless, PVC, or steel (it depends on its application), and flexible tubing is used to join the manifold to the plates. In the membrane filter press selection, water fills the membranes during the compressing process, and once it is done, it is pulled back into the water tank for reuse.

Uses of Filter Press Selection
Can Handle Distinguished Sludges

A filter press selection is used to treat particular sludges, such as sludge such as railway, oil, and sludge fabricated by handling wastewater with diatomite.

Economical Energy Costs

In a standard filter press selection, the cost of energy and water consumption is lower than in other types of equipment. At NMP, our filter press selection is equipped with the latest technological advancements that give you exact results. When chances of error are reduced, your energy consumption will automatically get reduced to a great extent. Many industries are now looking for more energy-efficient and green technology due to our responsibility towards our mother earth.

Do Not Take Much Space

With the advent of new technology and advancements, a standard filter press selection will not take much of your space. At NMP, we produce filter presses designed to take only half of your storage spaces.

Long Operational Life

Our filter press selection provides you with a long operational life. They do not easily malfunction. At NMP, we provide high-strength and short-length filter belts. Due to this feature, our filtration belt has a long operational life and functions steadily. In addition, our filter press types have high-strength stainless steel bearings instead of carbon steel bearings. The high-strength stainless steel bearings reduce the chance of corrosion and increase the operational capacity of your filter press by 10 years.

Easy To Use And Operate

Our filter press is designed so that even an ordinary worker can use it. Moreover, they are easy to operate due to their simple structure and structured design.

Reduces Your Filtration Time

Our filter press selection is designed in such a way that it reduces your filtration time to a great extent. They are equipped with automated belt wash, and the total taken in scraping the plates is lessened considerably. Since a lot of time gets saved here, you get ample time for other manual operations. Furthermore, the filter press design with its vertically stacked chambers provides it with a lot of flexibility.

Increases Efficiency Of The Filter Press Process

Even if the filter press cannot completely separate the liquids from solids, it, however, reduces the possibility of any mistake in the entire process. The possibility of error reduction provides you with a safer and highly efficient procedure. In addition, our filter press uses only a few raw materials and helps you reduce your overall operating cost. At NMP, we provide you with the filter press selection equipped with modern technological advancements that give you a highly accurate and precise result.

What Is Semi Auto Filter Press? How Does It Work?

A central control panel is present in a semi auto filter press where the operator initiates every string step. All the valves of a semi auto filter press are opened and closed with the help of physical labor. A semi auto filter press is used in industries such as granites and sludge produced from galvanizing plants consisting of zinc, chromium, copper, nickel, etc.

How Do Filter Presses Work In Chemical Manufacturing?

NMP Filter Press is the special equipment for chemical manufacturers. It can be used in the production of NMP. It can filter solid matter from liquids or gases.

What is filter cloth selection?

A filter cloth selection plays important role in the case of filtration. A filter press, filter cloth, and shields clear filtration process with the help of short filter cycle and dry filter cake. Advanced technology had made this work easier in the 21st century. There are various types of filtration paper which is used by industries. The top companies avail themselves of their filter cloth and paper. The high-quality filter paper with good services can be detained easily by the top manufacturer. To know more about filter cloth selection have a look below.