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Strict municipal budgets, climate change, pollution. When it comes to handling wastewater, potable water and other types of sludge and waste, the right filtration solutions and services are the key to sustainable growth.

We offer a wide range of products that improve your process efficiency. Our product solutions meet your throughput / volume. We provide filtration solutions – tailored to your individual processes and requires.

Whatever your filtration process needs, we have the technology and process knowledge to:
  • Maximize energy recovery
  • Lower energy consumption and therefore also lower operating costs
  • Select the right solution to meet your diversified needs
Our key applications in the environment industry:
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
  • Refinery & Chemical Waste
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Municipal Wastewater

On many production processes wastewater accrues which cannot be dumped directly in to the public sewerage system. In this case the wastewater has to be treated and the accrued sludge have to be dewatered.

Now a days as the production of the industries has increased along with that the wastewater from the industries has also kept on increasing. Hence, the wastewater needs to be treated and also the increasing sludge have to be dewatered.

If the waste water increases in continual constitution and quantity it becomes easy to build an effective wastewater treatment plant, but if there is change in total solid (TS) of the wastewater, there is need of a plant which can be customized to the changes in waste water. Hence, the filter press in cooperation with the filter cloth can cover a wide spectrum of sludge properties.

During continue production, it becomes difficult to afford a breakdown of the wastewater plant for several days, this is where high quality of NMP make Filter Press Machine has the high advantage.

Chemical Industry

Liquid is a main ingredient in the processing of chemicals, and efficient and effective filtration can improve your bottom line!

From consumable chemicals to industrial chemicals clarity and purity are essential in the pursuit of a high-quality finished product.

Wide variety of Filters for Chemicals Processes
  • Recessed Filter Press
  • Membrane Filter Press
  • Fully Automatic Filter Press etc....