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Power Generation

Power generation includes many demanding industries and NMP has the technical expertise required to help you consistently generate high-solids filter cake, along with a liquid effluent with a high degree of clarity. Coal preparation, also knows as coal washing, is the process of removing impurities in the raw coal, and just one example of an application area where NMP liquid/solid separation expertise is proven.

Power generation (hydroelectric, gas, nuclear, renewable, etc.), coal preparation, coal-to-energy, and petroleum refining are all industries where the best economic and technical solutions are required. Focus on quality is paramount, as is the need to focus on environmental protection, material recycling, control of energy costs, and overall process efficiency & cost control measures.

Filter cloth is a key ingredient to a well-optimized, efficient filter press operation and NMP has the most extensive line of mono-filament top cloths and support cloths in the industry, readily available when you need them.

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