Common Equipment & Accessories Used In A Filter Press Machine

Vishal Patel
Accessories in a filter press machine

A kind of mechanical equipment, a filter press machine uses a special filter medium to put pressure on the object to filter the liquid out. It is the most common equipment used for solid-liquid separation.

Since the beginning of the 18th century, the filter press has been used in the chemical industry. They are also still widely used in pharmacy, dyestuff, ceramics, food, metallurgy, and environmental protection.

Taking into account the latest technological developments, NMP accessories are manufactured and continually optimized based on our daily experience in use. We also ensure that all our products are the best in quality to perform most efficiently.

A sophisticated range of components in a filter press machine

Some common filter press accessories include – Hydraulic power pack, plate shifting device, air actuator valve, cloth washing, belt conveyor, core blow, and electric control panel. Here's a closer look at each component.

Hydraulic Power Pack

A hydraulic power pack in a filter press machine controls the cylinders that help move the plates. It is self-contained and mainly consists of components such as a reservoir, motor, and hydraulic pump. It transfers power from one location to another using fluid.

The hydraulic power pack can generate a massive amount of power used to drive the hydraulic filter press. NMP designs hydraulic power packs that produce low noise are free from vibration and has excellent dissipation feature.

Features of a reservoir tank:

  • Has a covered body that provides extra protection when used in industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical from contamination and dirt.
  • The covered body of the reservoir tank provides a long life to valves and motors with ventilation.
  • The reservoir tank body is powder coated to prevent corrosion and give long life.

Plate Shifting Device

A plate shifting device helps shift individual plates in a filter press, opens the chambers used in filtration, and helps empty the machine.

The mechanism of the plate shifter helps to transfer the filter plates. Transferring the plates can be stopped anytime, and the operator can eliminate the possible impurities from the cloth. Also, the speed of the plate shifter can be customized in a filter press machine.

Benefits of the plate shifting device:

  • They are mainly used in machines with a large number of plates.
  • It has a shortened emptying period and automation process.
  • The speed of the plate shifting can be adjusted as per the need.

Air Actuator Valve

The air actuator valve used in a filter press helps in the automatic closing and opening of the valve for the filtrate outlet and slurry inlet. This actuator valve operates automatically in three modes: feeding, cleaning, and airing.

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Cloth Washing

This filter press equipment makes it possible to clean the cake residues off the cloth using water under pressure. This component is installed in the upper part of the filter press. It is made of a washing rail, washing frame, frame driving travel device, inlet pipe, towing chain, nozzles, pipe lifting device, reducing motors, etc. Moreover, the washing activity is performed simultaneously on both sides of the plate.

Benefits of cloth washing:

  • Regularly washing cloth maintains its permanent permeability.
  • Lower loading of feed pump results in a significant extension of its service life.
  • The service life of cloth is expanded.

Belt Conveyor

The dropping cake can be conveyed using the hopper to a conveyor, which usually transports the cake to a container. Additionally, the container does not have to be installed directly under the filter press machine but can be installed outside the building or in another room.

Core Blow

Turbidity channels retain liquid suspension after filtration. However, it can be removed and transported back to the storage tank to prevent rehydration of discharged cake when the filter press machine is open. Operators can remove this sediment by rinsing the core after feeding is completed. The rinse medium flows through the channel and absorbs the solids deposited there.

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Electric Control Panel

The electric control part adopts the system design concept and adds auto running and check functions. According to working conditions, the control panel has three working states for operators to use easily, i.e. manual working state and debugging. The second is an auto working state when auto running, and the third is a maintenance working state when equipment is checked.

NMP’s standard controls meet all the requirements that are necessary for the operation of your filter press machine. We use filter press components from the leaders in the market and well-known manufacturers.

What Are The Mainly Types Of Filter Press ?

The filter press machine is the equipment used for the separation method to separate solid and liquid. Filter press machine working consumes low energy, low to no human resources required, and high separation effectiveness of liquid filtering out, making it extensively used dewatering technology. Filter press is a widely used dewatering technology in papermaking, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries, mining operations, chemical industries, mills, marble, and stone cutting.

Advantages and Process of Automatic Filter Presses

The first and foremost type of filter press that is the Automatic filter press, differs widely from an old filter press machine. The basic structure, working principles, and process technology are similar to conventional press machines. In 1853 the British patent used the first form of filter press for procuring seed oil through various pressure cells.

How does a plate filter press work?

The plate filter press is an industrial machine used in various industries to separate dense fluids and sludge by distinguishing solids and liquids.