The First NMP filter press was acquainted with the business sectors in 1935. From that point forward, we have been a perceived pioneer in the Indian markets. We provide different types of filter press types.

We offer a wide range of filter presses with sidebar technology suitable for both standard and medium duty and for heavy-duty performance levels.

NMP has one of the widest ranges of Filter Cloth materials available. We will help you to choose the ideal material for your application.

As an innovative expert in solid-liquid separation, we have made it our goal to offer the right solution for every application.

A sophisticated range of accessories for all cases. NMP accessories are manufactured and constantly optimized on the basis of our daily experience in use and taking into account the latest technical developments.

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Client Served

Since our founding 75 years ago, we have been catering to the needs of a wide range of customers all around the country. At NMP, we have a very good understanding of the requirements that our customers have, and we do our best to provide filtration solutions that are tailored to each individual customer. Because of our depth of knowledge in design and production, we are able to serve a wide range of customers in a variety of industries. The dedication of our staff and the faith placed in us by our customers are what enable us to succeed. Up to this point, we have provided service to more than 3,500 customers, and it is our goal to continue expanding our customer base so that we can really make a difference in the filtration industry.

Filter Press Made

Over the course of our company's existence, we have produced over 15000 filter presses for use in a variety of applications. This achievement was made possible by our commitment, as well as the production practises that we follow, and in the near future, we want to produce even more. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is the hard work of our teams and the dedication we show to our job. Our filter presses are known for their excellent material, durability, finishing, and most significantly, seamless operation as per the needs. We supply a broad variety of filter press models, ranging from fully automatic to manually operated filter presses.

Industries Catered

Whether it be the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, treatment plants, the mining industry, or the food and beverage industry, NMP has serviced practically more than 50 different industries to this day. Because of our in-depth technological knowledge, not only are we able to comprehend the problems faced by our customers in a wide range of industries, but we are also able to provide them with products that solve those problems. We have an understanding of the requirements of the industry, and we bring value to our customers through innovation. Additionally, our service and installation team works with each customer to ensure that they are able to obtain consistent output with our equipment.

Countries Delivered

We have not restricted ourselves to a specific territory despite the fact that we are a manufacturing company. NMP has, up until this point, provided its services to customers all around the world. Up to this point, we have shipped our products to more than 25 different nations. Customers have come to us from all over the world thanks to the method that we use and the professional manner in which we approach our work. The faith that our clients have placed in us over the course of these many years is directly attributable to the technical experience and skills that we possess. Because of the high quality of our products, we have attracted customers from a wide variety of countries who want to take part in our journey.

Years Served

Nanubhai Mavjibhai Patel was founded in 1935 with the intention of manufacturing high-quality hardwood filter plates and frames as well as wooden vats for the dyestuff and chemical industries in India. The company was a steady contributor to the development of wooden pressure filtration technology in India. across 35,000 wooden filter press plates, frames, and vats have been installed all across India and the rest of the world combined. It was the late Nanubhai Mavjibhai Patel, our founder-father, whose foresight and dynamism motivate us to do bigger things today. This is where it all began. The seed that he planted and tended to over time eventually developed into a humongous tree, the expansion of whose branches conveys an implicit message of fertile growth, and the tree itself is still expanding.


Membrane filter press vs. chamber filter press

Filter presses have a wide variation of models and types within them. The most common among all the filter presses on the market are plate and frame press filters and membrane press filters. Depending on their industry sector, industries require different presses to separate the solid and liquid.

When Should You Change Filter Press Cloth?

Filter press cloth plays a key role in optimizing the filter press operation. The success of your filter press system in delivering absolute results depends on one element i.e., the condition of your filter cloth.

Installation and debugging of filter press

An industrial filter press is large-scale mechanical equipment that must be installed and debugged before it can be used. They cannot be used immediately after purchase but must be installed and tested before being used. Therefore, the installation procedure of filter presses is also a question of concern for firms and enterprises.