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Filter Plates

Customer requirements are as diverse as our solutions. As an innovative expert in solid-liquid separation, we have made it our goal to offer the right solution for every application. The basis of these solutions comes from our comprehensive product range and is then individually tailored to customer requirements. In this way, each product type ultimately becomes a unique NMP product – made according to the customer's needs.

Plate setup – the determination of the right filter component – is completely basic to filtration applications. The specific mix of these components in any application will decide good materials or development. Cost is likewise a thought here.

The assortment of elements inalienable in any application makes the adaptability of plate development material a genuine favorable position to anybody outlining a filtration framework.

Filter Plates for chamber filter presses are the most important & critical parts which are primarily chemically resistant & pressure resistance plastic plates made of polypropylene. Installed with the different types of filter cloths these plates are mainly responsible for the liquid/solid separation. Made from special materials which can sustains the maximum temperature of 130 degree to a lower temperature up to 10 degrees and are also available for continuous operation. Depending upon the application and the filtration conditions the plate & cake thickness is freely configurable. The size of the plates vary from 305 mm x 305 mm to 1500 mm x 2000 mm with a cake thickness ranging of 15mm to 50mm and thus allows an optimal adaptation to the filtration tasks.

The Filter Plate is selected based on following criteria

  • Chemical resistance
  • Differential pressure resistance
  • Temperature stability
  • Filter cloth support
  • Drain ability (grooves, nubs, with/without membrane technology)
  • Handling
Plate And Frame

The original concept for filter press were the Filter plate & frame, are still used in many industries.The filtration chambers of the filter presses with frames consist of two types of filter plates: frame and filtrating. The frame defines a filtration chamber and it is closed on both sides by the adjacent filtration plates with drainage draining filtrate.The chamber is formed by a piped or slotted grooved flat plate on each side of the frame and Cake formation takes place in the frame.

Recessed Plate

Chamber filter elements are based on the principle of filter plate and frame systems and are operated in the same way with pressure filtration. The recessed filter plates are the successor of Filter plate and frames. There are 2 basic configurations of Recessed filter plates: Open Discharge & Close Discharge. In both the configuration the chamber depth is ranging from 15mm to 50mm to suit a wide variety of slurries.

CGR Filter Plate

These are advance version of Recessed Chamber Closed configuration plates, where Filter Cloth is caulked in the caulking groove around the recess plate. Major benefits of this design are Zero leak Recess Type Filter Plate because ‘O’ Ring seats around the sealing edge and filtrate hole secure tight seal when the plate pack is closed. Cloth caulking groove provide easy installation and least maintenance of the filter cloth. CGR plates are recommended and necessary for leak proof conditions like toxic substance, acidic solutions etc. ‘O’ Ring are available in the different elastomers like EPDM, Neoprene, viton etc.

Membrane Filter Plate

Membrane plates filter presses are used since several years in the chemical, food industries. Nowadays this kind of filter presses is more and more used for any kind of materials (Dyes, Pigment, Pharmaceuticals, Edible Oil, quarries, urban and industrial sludge of any kind)


NMP carries the spares you need to keep your Filter Press running efficiently. We offer an expanded inventory of Filter Plate Parts and Accessories for a diverse range of markets and applications. All type of Plate accessories are designed as separate modules and are engineered by NMP.

From Plate Handles to Filter Cloths to Cloth Pins to Cake Scrapers to gasket materials to Spigot (Cock) – and much more. We do also stock several sizes of Recessed, CGR and Membrane Filter Plates. Let NMP help you with your Spare Parts inventory to maximize Press Up-time!