What Is Semi Auto Filter Press? How Does It Work?

Vishal Patel

A central control panel is present in a semi auto filter press where the operator initiates every string step. All the valves of a semi auto filter press are opened and closed with the help of physical labor. A semi auto filter press is used in industries such as granites and sludge produced from galvanizing plants consisting of zinc, chromium, copper, nickel, etc.

Introduction To The Filter Press Working Principle

Starting a semi auto filter press requires manual labor to operate both the control panel elements. The operation of the control panel in a filter press machine includes opening and closing the system, the swivel plates, and the functioning of the automatic filter plate shifting device. Operating elements like electric push buttons are used for the functioning of the filter press machine. The semi auto filter press stops working when one of the operating elements is released. The operation of a semi auto filter press resumes only when both the operating systems function simultaneously. The operation of both the operating system simultaneously ensures the functioning of the filter press is outside the danger zone. Misuse of the operating system of a semi auto filter press is not possible due to the design of the machine.

The functioning principle of the filter press machine puts a stop to reaching the working area for the machine's operator. Thus, mechanical designs that will ensure further safety for the worker is not necessary to include in the semi auto filter press. The procurement cost of the filter press machine gets reduced due to the combination of the two-hand control, plate transport, and removal of further attachment measures. The working principle of the semi auto filter press also ensures simple operation procedures and complete safety against mechanical hazards. NMP is one of the largest filter press manufacturers in the world. The working principle of semi auto filter press works in our favor in various ways-

  1. It is a cost-effective alternative since it is equipped with a complex design and assemblies.
  2. A semi auto filter press has an emergency stop button and two-hand operation, which makes the operation procedure of the machine very simple.
  3. The filter press machine is designed in such a way that it saves a lot of space.
  4. The filter machine design can equip different requirements of the process and specific customizable requirements of the customer.
  5. It is very flexible and has a high degree of configuration.
  6. The semi auto filter press has a compact and robust design that provides a reliable and flawless filtration operation.
Components Of The Semi Auto Filter Press

A semi auto filter press consists of a hydraulic cylinder, drip tray, plate shifter, electric panel without PLC, and hydraulic power pack.

Hydraulic Cylinder

The filter press machine consists of Pull Back type Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder, which uses oil to activate a cylinder piston. The component is moved to attain a particular task. A hydraulic cylinder in the filter press machine requires less effort and labor than a manual filter press. It also helps distribute equal pressure to every chamber of the filter press machine. Using a hydraulic cylinder requires less manual labor and is very easy to operate and handle. The requirement of less manual labor cuts down the cost of labor and training. A hydraulic cylinder in a filter press machine is very easy to maintain.

Drip Tray

The drip tray in a semi auto filter press is used as a liquid collecting tray and is installed under filter plates. Hydraulic cylinders are used to open and close the drip tray. The hydraulic cylinders are controlled manually or automatically through PLC. The manual or automatic control of hydraulic cylinders through PLC ensures that the drip tray is open for cake discharge and is closed during filtration. When the drip trays remain close during filtration, the filtrate gets collected and is kept away from containers or conveyor systems. Using an automatic cloth washing system as commonly used in Filter Cloth Selection today helps the drip trays capture the water from the cloth washing and stop it from going to the filter cake.

Plate Shifter

A plate shifter in a semi auto filter press is used to transport the filter plates. The plate shifter gradually shifts the plate one after another when in automatic mode. The plate shifting is done through a handheld remote control in manual mode. The shifting of the filter plates helps in emptying the filter plates. One can stop the plate shifter mechanism anytime, and the operator can take out impurities from the filter cloth.

Electric Panel Without PLC

NMP Electric Hydraulic Control System (EHCS) controls the electric hydraulics. During an emergency, the electric hydraulic control system monitors and provides a push-button to detach the switch and touch screen control of the hydraulics present in the filter press machine. All diagnosed information on the filter press machine is available on the touch screen with a good resolution. The touch screen also allows adjusting the filter press machine's press control.

Hydraulic Power Pack

A hydraulic power pack in a filter press machine controls the cylinders that shift the plates. A hydraulic power pack is a self-contained unit containing a motor, a reservoir, and a hydraulic pump. The self-contained unit uses power to transfer power from one place to another. A hydraulic filter press is driven by a massive amount of power produced by the hydraulic power packs. NMP produces hydraulic power packs that make less noise, free from vibration, and has excellent heat evaporating properties. A hydraulic power pack consists of a 30 to 300-liter tank, 1HP to 10HP motor, custom-made hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic unloading relief valve, and reservoir tank. In NMP, all the valves of a hydraulic power pack are assembled by trained technicians to give our customers the consistent and reliable quality they are expecting.

Specifications Of Different Filter Plates In A Filter Press Machine

Filter Press Machines are used for water filter production in industries. It has features like high efficiency, low consumption, big filtration area.

How Do Filter Presses Work In Chemical Manufacturing?

NMP Filter Press is the special equipment for chemical manufacturers. It can be used in the production of NMP. It can filter solid matter from liquids or gases.

What is filter cloth selection?

A filter cloth selection plays important role in the case of filtration. A filter press, filter cloth, and shields clear filtration process with the help of short filter cycle and dry filter cake. Advanced technology had made this work easier in the 21st century. There are various types of filtration paper which is used by industries. The top companies avail themselves of their filter cloth and paper. The high-quality filter paper with good services can be detained easily by the top manufacturer. To know more about filter cloth selection have a look below.