Installation and debugging of filter press

Vishal Patel
Filter Press: Performing Installation And Debugging Process

An industrial filter press is large-scale mechanical equipment that must be installed and debugged before it can be used. They cannot be used immediately after purchase but must be installed and tested before being used. Therefore, the installation procedure of filter presses is also a question of concern for firms and enterprises.

So let us start by understanding how the filter press equipment should be installed properly to ensure that it will not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Installation Process Of A Filter Press

There are a few precautions to ensure when you buy new filtration hardware from industrial filter press manufacturers so that you know it will work as outlined.

  1. A filter press should be placed horizontally on a concrete base, and the secondary blockwork is recommended. To ease the discharging operation, the footpath must be kept clear with a passageway about 1m wide around the filter press. The cylinder requires no anchoring but shall be in smooth contact with the ground to make sure certain free displacement while loading.
  2. Ensure whether various bolts of the press filter frame are secured, whether plates are arranged in order, and whether holes are aligned. In the case of an open-flow press filter, the nozzle must be set at the lower end of the plate and be locked.
  3. If in case the firms request the use of a liquid receiving disk or turning plate, the foundation of the whole press machine shall be higher than the actual base level by a certain amount to reserve space for installation of a liquid receiving turning plate or disk.
  4. Filter plates must be arranged on the frame without any inclination to avoid interfering normal operation of the press filter. To avoid leakage, filtration fabric must be kept clean without folding. Both the cloth clampers must be tightened properly to press the fabric against the charging inlet; otherwise, the pulp might enter the space between the fabric and plate.
  5. As per the actual conditions of the firms and enterprises, the mounting position of the hydraulic station can be determined. Moreover, this station should be placed far away from the discharging place to avoid the falling of materials onto the hydraulic station because it can influence the normal operation of hydraulic elements.
  6. Make sure that the connections of oil pipelines are loosened and that the oil tank is clean.
  7. Check whether the 3-phase power is installed correctly and that the hydraulic station's motor should run clockwise.
  8. Filter press installation should always be far away from corrosion, rain, and sun. After installing, check the filtering system and pipelines to make sure they meet the requirements.

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Debugging Process Of A Filter Press

Now that we are aware of the precautions to take before installing a filter press, let’s take a closer look at the debugging preparation and procedures for debugging.

  • Make sure that the fasteners are in good condition and that the circuits of oil and electricity are installed properly.
  • Check whether all the driving parts are working smoothly and if oil pipelines of low pressure and high pressure are installed correctly.
  • Confirm that the filter cloths are installed flatly.

Safety measures for debugging procedure:

  • If the operator is not aware of the machine’s performance and operation rules, he should not operate the machine without authorization.
  • If there is any leakage or sudden situations such as unreliable operation, heavy noise, vibration, etc., make sure you turn off the press filter and find a solution.
  • The filter press should not work under high feeding pressure, and it is recommended not to adjust the relief valve casually.
  • When the press is working, examination and repair work are not allowed.
  • Make sure that you purchase the cloth from the best filter press cloth manufacturers in India because the filter cloth must meet the requirements of slurry otherwise, the filtrate will not be clear.

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