Membrane filter press vs. chamber filter press

Vishal Patel
Introduction To Chamber And Membrane Filter Presses

Filter presses have a wide variation of models and types within them. The most common among all the filter presses on the market are plate and frame press filters and membrane press filters. Depending on their industry sector, industries require different presses to separate the solid and liquid.

Generally, the technology behind the press filter is the slurry that will be separated. The slurry is injected into the center, and each chamber is filled. The filling time will make sure that the last chamber is loaded before the slurry in the first chamber begins to cake. The pressure inside the system will increase as the chamber fill up due to the formation of thick mud. The liquid is drained through filter cloths using a pressurized air force.

This guide will help you learn more about the most commonly used presses, chamber presses, and membrane presses based on current sludge treatment requirements.

Meaning And Working Of Membrane Press Filter

The Membrane filter press has proven itself in several industrial applications, such as mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc., because of its excellent filtration results. The membrane filter press utilizes an inflatable membrane within the filter plates to compress the remaining liquid before the plates open to ensure that the solid is dry.

Compared to traditional filtration technology, the membrane press attains the lowest residual moisture volume in filter cake, making itself a powerful and popularly used system. The membrane press operates similarly to a recessed chamber and plate and frame filter using polypropylene plates. However, in the membrane filter, the possibility of squeezing excess water appears due to the presence of membrane plates.

As a result, the squeezing of sediment can notably reduce the time of one cycle thereby enhancing the daily performance of the press filter.

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Meaning And Working Of Chamber Press Filter

The Chamber filter press is also one of the most powerful and reliable filtration systems with its simple and inexpensive design. This press consists of two similar, identical filter plates to form a unit. When the plates are pressed together, a chamber is developed for preserving the granular elements separated by a filter cloth. Chamber press find their use in industries such as sewage sludge, ceramic slip, electroplating wastes, etc.

The whole filtration process occurs in the space formed between two parallel plates. The chamber plates are generally made from high polypropylene and yield high performance. Moreover, this type of filter press is generally used in cases where the application requires only mechanical separation of the slurry. The application does not focus more on the need for low-content moisture of the sludge.

Although the process of filtration and technology is similar in both membrane and chamber filter presses. The fundamental difference between the two is that during sedimentation, the sediments are not unloaded immediately but are compressed under the influence of the fluid supplied beneath the membrane.

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Guide To Recessed Chamber Filter Press And Filter Plates

The Recessed chamber filter presses are modern versions of filter presses that utilize plates having recesses and are widely used by various industries.

Installation and debugging of filter press

An industrial filter press is large-scale mechanical equipment that must be installed and debugged before it can be used. They cannot be used immediately after purchase but must be installed and tested before being used. Therefore, the installation procedure of filter presses is also a question of concern for firms and enterprises.

When Should You Change Filter Press Cloth?

Filter press cloth plays a key role in optimizing the filter press operation. The success of your filter press system in delivering absolute results depends on one element i.e., the condition of your filter cloth.